Saturday, November 10, 2007

Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Street Group

SSUPA Group ( Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Group)is the new name for the safe street business group. The area it covers is from 72 and to 96 on Pacific Ave. They are businesses that concern with the crime in our area and wanting to fight against crime. There is no charge to being a member, just about 2 hours once month. The Next business will be held at Fred Meyer at 4:00 pm Nov 14. Have any question please call Kathy at 253-273-1945. The business group will meet once a month the 3rd Wednesday of each month at different locations please to find out where the next business meeting is each month. The police dept has ask that individuals and businesses to continue call the non-emergency 253-798-4721 on any prostitute that you may see.

The Larchmont Neighborhood Patrol is up and running. Any question on the patrol or individuals interested in taking part please call Kathy 253-798-4721. We are looking for people to take part in protecting their neighborhood.

Larchmont Safe Street News;

prostitutes are coming back in to the neighborhood and on Pacific Ave please continue to call the non-emergency 253-798-7421 and report them. We still have police officers assign to the area for that reason only. If they don't hear from use they can not help us. YOU NEED TO BE HEAR OUT THERE.



Cars are broken in too and stolen on Pacific Ave ;Some of the following Business have been hit.
Fred Meyer
Key Bank
Anahau Restaurant

If you see any suspicious activity please call 911 and report them

All was remember when reporting and thing to the police dept identified your self with Larchmont Safe Streets or SSUPAS GROUP.

Next Larchmont Safe Streets Dec 04,2007 at7;00 pm 9401 South A Street : Tacoma Church of God.

Fayechild Safe Streets Dec 05,2007 at 6:30 pm Immanuel Celebration Church at 9244 Pacific Ave 253-591-2766

SSUPA GROUP(Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Group) Next meeting Date Dec 19,2007 at 4:00pm Location will be announce:

Things to Celebrate
Larchmont Safe Street won the super star award for the best group who has made a change in their neighborhood.

Thank You all who has taken part in fighting against crime in our community.

Next Citizens Patrol Class:
To be announce