Thursday, April 2, 2009

Larchmont Safe Street

This month ( April ) on Channel 12 news they are doing a spot on the neighborhoods patrol. We want to Thank Dave for doing the piece on the patrol. May 2 is Larchmont Neighborhood clean up will be held at Church of Christ on Pacific Ave between 10 and 2. Area is from Yakima to McKinley and 84 to 96 any question 273-1945. The Tacoma School Dist is on the East side is doing Clean Sweep.

Next Meeting is April 7 at 7:00 pm at 9401 South A Street for Larchmont Group
Next Meeting for Upper Pacific Ave Group is April 15 at 4:00pm at Anahua 9002 Pacific Ave

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Larchmont Safety Summer Fun Fair

Larchmont Safety Summer Fun Fair
June 14.2008
between 11:00 and 3:00
at Faith Lutheran 113 South 96th street Tacoma, Wa
any question

Next Meeting June 3 at 7:00 pm Tacoma First Church of God 9401 South A Street

Next Meeting for The Business Group June 18.2008 at Gloria's Bar and Grill please no Children to this meeting. At 4;00pm

Thank you to Lt Kathy McAlpine for the help she has given us and best of Luck on her new adventure.

Congratulation to Lincoln Safe Streets Group for the City of Destiny Award for a job will done.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alert !!!!!


Their were 3 homes broken into and 1 attempt no hurt Thank goodness. And Mail theft in the are a purple PT Crusier with a with male early 40's light brown hair about 4:00pm. Another siting of a tan Aerostar or Astro Van about 2:00 am. Plus some tagging going on there are 3 gangs working the area Bloods, Crips, and MLS 13 are working the are promoting the gangs and trying to take up roots on the East. Please call 911 if you see any illegal activity in the area including drug dealing and prostitution. The next meeting is February 5 at 7:00 pm at the Tacoma First Church of god. Speaking is code enforcement and Building and Land Management. If you care about you neighborhood and what to make a difference in the area come to the next meeting. Next neighborhood patrol training starts on January 17 at 07:oo to 9:00 pm. At the New Police Headquarters the (old Costco building). Our New ClO is Dan Williams, welcome. We are looking forward working with him. Very nice man!! And farewell to Joe Mettler but he is still patrolling this area during the day. Thanks Joe!!

See you next month

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Street Group

SSUPA Group ( Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Group)is the new name for the safe street business group. The area it covers is from 72 and to 96 on Pacific Ave. They are businesses that concern with the crime in our area and wanting to fight against crime. There is no charge to being a member, just about 2 hours once month. The Next business will be held at Fred Meyer at 4:00 pm Nov 14. Have any question please call Kathy at 253-273-1945. The business group will meet once a month the 3rd Wednesday of each month at different locations please to find out where the next business meeting is each month. The police dept has ask that individuals and businesses to continue call the non-emergency 253-798-4721 on any prostitute that you may see.

The Larchmont Neighborhood Patrol is up and running. Any question on the patrol or individuals interested in taking part please call Kathy 253-798-4721. We are looking for people to take part in protecting their neighborhood.

Larchmont Safe Street News;

prostitutes are coming back in to the neighborhood and on Pacific Ave please continue to call the non-emergency 253-798-7421 and report them. We still have police officers assign to the area for that reason only. If they don't hear from use they can not help us. YOU NEED TO BE HEAR OUT THERE.



Cars are broken in too and stolen on Pacific Ave ;Some of the following Business have been hit.
Fred Meyer
Key Bank
Anahau Restaurant

If you see any suspicious activity please call 911 and report them

All was remember when reporting and thing to the police dept identified your self with Larchmont Safe Streets or SSUPAS GROUP.

Next Larchmont Safe Streets Dec 04,2007 at7;00 pm 9401 South A Street : Tacoma Church of God.

Fayechild Safe Streets Dec 05,2007 at 6:30 pm Immanuel Celebration Church at 9244 Pacific Ave 253-591-2766

SSUPA GROUP(Safe Street Upper Pacific Ave Group) Next meeting Date Dec 19,2007 at 4:00pm Location will be announce:

Things to Celebrate
Larchmont Safe Street won the super star award for the best group who has made a change in their neighborhood.

Thank You all who has taken part in fighting against crime in our community.

Next Citizens Patrol Class:
To be announce

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Business Meeting August 15,2007

Minutes from the Larchmont Safe Streets August 14,2007

Anna with City Blue Print Shop read over the July meeting mintues.

Lt McAlpine, CLO's Dianna Judge , Joe Mettler were present.

. Some orders are not being issues, we are working on that. Having problems with dispatch Lt McAlpine will be having a meeting with them .

Call 911 when you see prostitutes

MRSA is very ramped drug resistant.

can live on surfaces for up to 6 months . We need to educate the community about MRSA and STD.

There is 30,000 dollars to help community efforts (johns school, classes, treatment)

August Meeting 14,2007

Tan van approching kids 702 SPW ,Wa ;White Dodge Ram Van A364972Z white male and sometimes black male. Police are looking for the White Dodge Van.

Blue van no windows hanging out a AM/PM reported to the police dept if seen.

Activity house on East D street teenagers hanging out all hours of the day and night.

City Council ladies Connie Lanedburg and Julie Anderson were present.

State Rep Steve Kirby and Steve Conway were also present.

State Reps willing to help with the prostitutes and johns and drug dealers.

Steve Kirby Prostitutes is local government problem. We do not have enough police officers

We are short 15 and 20 more to retire this next year. Crime of prostitution is a misdemeanor and patronizing prostitutes is a felony.

As citizen what can we do to help? Come to Safe Street meetings call municipal Court and ask why they are not putting more of them in jail. As Per Steve Kirby.

Make a laws to effect their daily lives (john's)

We need to enhance the penalties for prostitutes and drug dealer and johns.

CLO's program is a great group of people

Obiviosly other citys are having some problems can we find out. What they have done.

If youneed more ofiicers why don't you have a reserve program

35 to 96 Pacific Ave is a soap area in just the business area and two blocks out. Need to cover more of the resident areas also

New group 84 and park

David with Safe Streets Citizen patrol on Sept 10,14.24, at 7:00 for three weeks 9 people sign up .'we can all be a solution with the neighborhood patrol".

Sept 26 is the Anniversary for our group Potluck on Sept 22

Car Wash to be announce Sept 15.

Bake Sale in Nov with Larchmont Community Church of Brenthen

Spaghetti feeded in Feb 2008

National Night Out

were Tacoma Police Dept, Safe Streets, Tacoma Fire Dept, Old Country Bee,Tacoma School Dist Thank you to All Saints Church for letting us partnership with them. It was a success. Are visitor Superintendent and Board members and Jonathan Philips and Becky Summers for taking time to come out and say hi to us. And to all the Safe Streets members for coming out and supporting the National Night Out.