Friday, July 20, 2007

Business Meeting

On July 18 ,2007 we had are first buiness meeting for the Larchmont area. We had 26 individuals show up for the meeting. Topics cover at the meeting was the prostitutes and drug dealers. We had the Capt Strickland and CLO Mettler with TPD. Updates on some of the things that they are doing to help us out. The Tacoma Police Dept has spent 200 men hours in are area that does not include the hours the CLO spend. We need to do many more marches with more people involved. To make a different out there. We need more concern individuals about the safety and welfare of their neighborhood. So please talk to your neighbors, if you live or work in this area is your problem too. The prostitutes and drug dealer are approaching are middle and high school kids two and from school. If you don't want these type people living in and doing there business in your neighborhood. Please step forward and help us get them out of here. We are strength in numbers. Thank you to the police dept for supporting us. Also to all the businesses that came out for the meeting. Next meeting will be held at Gloria's Bar and Grill on August 15 at 10:00 pm. If you can not make it to the evening meetings once a month this is another option for you . The next neighborhood meeting is August 14 at 7pm 9401 East A Street.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Larchmont Safe Street Business Meeting

Just a reminder that the first Business Meeting will take place on July 18 @10:00 am at City Blue Printing corner of 82 and Pacific Ave . Police present have been step up since the two attacks this week. If you want to make a different in your neighborhood you must be heard.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

prostitute assauts business owner 8042 Pac Ave

On Wednesday July11 at 9:00 am the co-owner of City Blueprints was assaulted by a female prostitute when the owner confronted her outside her business. As all of you know the problem has escalated and we need to be on the look out white female30-35 5'4 120lb blond pony tail, unknown top, short blue skirt with 2 B/M (suspected pimps). Case #07-1920389 please call Joe Mettler at 594-7549

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Larchmont Safe Street Meeting


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each Month @ 7 pm at Tacoma First Church of God located at 9401 East A Street.

Due to scheduling problems, next month's meeting will be on August 14th.

There will be a Bake Sale fund raiser on August 4, 2007 for Larchmont Safe Streets. The purpose is to raise funds for speed bumps and signs. We need to come up with 10 per cent of the total cost. The Bake Sale will be hosted at Larchmont Church of the Brethren located at the corner of 84th and East D Street. The bake sale will be during the church's rummage sale from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Please attend and show your support.

August 7 National Night Out. We are co-hosting with All Saints Episcopal and Larchmont Community Church of the Brethren. We will be at All Saints Episcopal Church located on the corner of 96th and East B Street. Come out and support your neighborhood fight against crime.

August 14 Monthly meeting at 9401 East A Street @ Tacoma First Church of God.

Information to Neighborhood:

Teenagers are running the neighborhood late at night. Curfew in Tacoma is 12:00 midnight 18 years and younger. Please call police 911 and report them so we can get them to stay home and not run our streets late at night.

Watch mail boxes and recycle cans. People are taking personal information out of mail boxes and recycle cans.

Larchmont Elementary School was tagged again sometime Monday night. Pictures were taken and turned over to police.

We now have a Business Safe Streets Group to help us fight the problems we are having in the community with drug, gangs, and prostitutes. Their first meeting is July 18 at 10:00 am @ City Blue Printing on the corner of 82nd and Pacific Avenue. Stay tuned for further information .

We held a march on July 7 to protest the prostitutes and drug dealers in our area. We had more than 20 participants.

A Great Big Thank You for all who marched with us. We also want to thank Jonathan Phillips for supporting us, the Police Dept for making sure we were safe, The News Tribune and Tacoma Weekly for covering our story.

We applied for four grants. Two grants for speed bumps and one grant for signs were awarded. The three grants awarded total $10,000: 2 speed bumps at $4500 ea and $1000 for signs. Thank South end Area Neighborhood Council (SANCo) for helping our neighborhood. The speed bumps and signs will be installed Spring 2008.