Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Business Meeting August 15,2007

Minutes from the Larchmont Safe Streets August 14,2007

Anna with City Blue Print Shop read over the July meeting mintues.

Lt McAlpine, CLO's Dianna Judge , Joe Mettler were present.

. Some orders are not being issues, we are working on that. Having problems with dispatch Lt McAlpine will be having a meeting with them .

Call 911 when you see prostitutes

MRSA is very ramped drug resistant.

can live on surfaces for up to 6 months . We need to educate the community about MRSA and STD.

There is 30,000 dollars to help community efforts (johns school, classes, treatment)

August Meeting 14,2007

Tan van approching kids 702 SPW ,Wa ;White Dodge Ram Van A364972Z white male and sometimes black male. Police are looking for the White Dodge Van.

Blue van no windows hanging out a AM/PM reported to the police dept if seen.

Activity house on East D street teenagers hanging out all hours of the day and night.

City Council ladies Connie Lanedburg and Julie Anderson were present.

State Rep Steve Kirby and Steve Conway were also present.

State Reps willing to help with the prostitutes and johns and drug dealers.

Steve Kirby Prostitutes is local government problem. We do not have enough police officers

We are short 15 and 20 more to retire this next year. Crime of prostitution is a misdemeanor and patronizing prostitutes is a felony.

As citizen what can we do to help? Come to Safe Street meetings call municipal Court and ask why they are not putting more of them in jail. As Per Steve Kirby.

Make a laws to effect their daily lives (john's)

We need to enhance the penalties for prostitutes and drug dealer and johns.

CLO's program is a great group of people

Obiviosly other citys are having some problems can we find out. What they have done.

If youneed more ofiicers why don't you have a reserve program

35 to 96 Pacific Ave is a soap area in just the business area and two blocks out. Need to cover more of the resident areas also

New group 84 and park

David with Safe Streets Citizen patrol on Sept 10,14.24, at 7:00 for three weeks 9 people sign up .'we can all be a solution with the neighborhood patrol".

Sept 26 is the Anniversary for our group Potluck on Sept 22

Car Wash to be announce Sept 15.

Bake Sale in Nov with Larchmont Community Church of Brenthen

Spaghetti feeded in Feb 2008

National Night Out

were Tacoma Police Dept, Safe Streets, Tacoma Fire Dept, Old Country Bee,Tacoma School Dist Thank you to All Saints Church for letting us partnership with them. It was a success. Are visitor Superintendent and Board members and Jonathan Philips and Becky Summers for taking time to come out and say hi to us. And to all the Safe Streets members for coming out and supporting the National Night Out.

Bake Sale

Thank you to all who contribute to the bake sale with bake items. We made a total of 88.00 at the bake sale.